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this brand was created in Perth, Australia by designers and engineers who worked on some products already mixed in people's daily life with brands such as Intel、HP、Nike、Apple、Oral-B、Philips, etc.

“kaa-kaa” is an Aboriginal word, which means a special lovely bird only found in Australia. This kind of bird was called Kookaburra in English. It's sound just like laughing in happy.

now we are creating one more product for kids. It will be not only with good functions, but also more safe and able to help kids build good healthcare habit. we have best wishes to kids and their parents, we hope kids always with smiles on their face.

logo of kaa-kaa

Functional & Safe

latest magnetically levitation motor outputs more than 20,000 times vibrations in just 1 minute, which help to clean teeth effectively in calm。

safety is the 1st:

  • patented design with soft bristles brush-head could avoid sensation on teeth and provide comfortable brushing experience;

  • smart brushing force detection;

  • ​USB low voltage 5V inductive charging;

  • ​IPX7 waterproof; 


Build Good Habit

kids were complained they "don't love oral cleaning", researches showed they just have no good time sense。

  • patented color changing light-ring design as brushing timer based on S.M.A.R.T. management theory, guide kids to meet suggested 2 minutes brushing time requirement;

  • patented integrated brushing quality rating system with stars indication, the stars will be lighten one by one if kid keeps using the toothbrush regularly  everyday and longer than 2 minutes every time;

  • tests showed more than 90% brushing lasted longer than 2 minutes if got right feedback about brushing time;

  • smart brushing force detection and indication helps kids keeping correct brushing force; 

Build Good Habit
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More Features


For Age 6+

Suggested Price: AUD 89.00

Sky Blue

Lake Pink

More Features

product designed for kids need to consider every details more carefully, we made it more safe, more quiet, more smart, lighter & short, a good friend for kids; contact us for more details.

For Age 3+

Suggested Price: AUD 99.00


Pure Blue

Different with Age 6+ version:

even more soft bristles;

even more soft vibration;


Integrated Rating System

Color Changing Timer

USB Wireless

Inductive Charging


Levitation Motor

Durable Electricity

Safe Brushhead

Brushing Force Detection

Compact & Light

More Features:

IPX 7 Waterproof;

Dirt Gone design;

Low Noise;

Battery Energy Indication;

Bristle End Rounding > 75% ;



Contact Us

UONE PTY LTD, Australia
54/115 Herdsman Parade, Wembley, WA

6014, Australia

facebook: kaa-kaa

instagram: uone_australia


wechat: kaa-kaa_au

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